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If you have not been advised that your field has closed, please proceed the field as it will be a game time decision by your Match Official.

We ask that you please limit your calls to the DRSA Office.  As soon as we know of field closures the teams will be notified through E2E.


DRSA Inclement Weather Policy

The safety of of players, team officials, and spectators is of paramount importance.  All games are expected to be played rain or shine.  However, below is a summary of the protocol that will be adhered to for games being played in DRSA run leagues/divisions.

Lightning - If the lightning is visible then Match Official will stop play and/or cancel the game.  In the event that the Match Official does stop play, please proceed to your vehicles or a building and await further instruction.  Under no circumstances should players, team officials or spectators remain on the field once a game has been halted/cancelled due to lightning.

Extreme Heat - All games proceed when the temperature is under 38C.

Air Quality - In the event of poor air quality, the DRSA will notify teams of any cancellations as soon as possible.  If you have not heard from the DRSA, please proceed to the field as it will be a game time decision by your Match Official.

Heat Alert

Please be advised that the weather forecast for this week (June 17, 2024 - June 21, 2024) is calling for high temperatures along with a high humidex.

As such, DRSA wants to ensure the safety of all players, team officials and match officials by implementing the following:

1. Water breaks during the games will be mandatory this week. If you feel you need 2 or more water breaks, please do so, especially on turf fields.

2. Be very liberal on the substitution process. This means if a player needs to come off because of the heat or is not feeling well, please allow the substitution even though it may not be at the proper time according to the league substitution rule. You can use the injury rule to make a substitution.

3. If a player appears fatigued, injured, or heat exhausted, stop the game immediately. Have the player tended to by the team trainer. Please note that Match Officials are not medically trained. Do not try to guess what is wrong with a player. Please err on the side of caution and have medical/trainer personal check the player.

4. Match Officials please explain to the teams that you will do the above before the start of your game, so everyone understands what you are going to be doing during the game.

5. This directive comes from the DRSA and will be applied to games played in Durham Region at all levels. Please check Ontario Soccer Policies and Procedures and with your own District on the direction for any games played outside of Durham Region.

6. If any District games are cancelled, all team officials and match officials will be notified as soon as possible.

DRSA Statement Regarding Non-Members Operating Within Durham Region

In order to clear up any potential misunderstanding, please note that the following organizations are neither a member of DRSA nor, sanctioned by Ontario Soccer:

  • Durham Region Soccer Centre
  • Canada Dynamo (East Toronto Soccer)
  • Triple Balance Soccer Academy
  • Durham Region Sports League
  • JPL Canada

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Michelle Loveless.

DRSA Will Participate in Ontario Soccer's Match Official Body Cam Pilot Project

DRSA Executive Director, Michelle Loveless spoke with Lauren Bird of CBC’s About That, regarding the recent rise in Match Official abuse and resulting drop in Match Officials across our District and the province. In an effort to continue to support and protect our Match Officials the DRSA is proud to have been chosen as one of the Districts to pilot the Match Official body cams.



This week, Ontario Soccer worked with various news stations to produce media stories to raise the awareness of the growing issue of Match Official abuse, led by the body camera pilot project we are launching this summer

The campaign, which is still ongoing, has successfully put the issue in the mainstream media spotlight, thanks to coverage at the local, provincial and national levels with print, radio and television segments. News outlets who covered the story include: the Toronto Star, CBC Ottawa, national CBC programs, CTV Toronto, national CTV programs, CP24 and much more.

A listing of the current coverage is available below:

To register please click on the link

Interested in earning some extra money this summer?  DRSA is looking for Match Officials for this summer.  If you are 12 years of age or older and are interested, please contact Michael Smith.

More Information

New Match Official Clinic Registration

Entry-level Match Official clinics are now open for registration. Match Officials are the backbone of the game of soccer because without them, games cannot take place.

DRSA Selected as a Community Development Grant Recipient

We are excited to share that the DRSA has been selected to receive a Community Development Grant from Canadian Tire Jumpstart and Sport Canada. This grant will go a long way towards helping us support our members and our community as we all continue to recover from the pandemic.

If you are a young person who needs support, you can reach out to Kids Help Phone’s professional counsellors by calling 1-800-668-6868 or visiting Their service is free, anonymous, confidential, and available 24/7/365.

Si tu es un jeune et que tu as besoin d’aide, tu peux communiquer avec les intervenants professionnels de Jeunesse, J’écoute au 1-800-668-6868 ou en visitant Le service est gratuit, anonyme et confidentiel et ce, 24/7/365.



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